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what is seo

Search Engine Optimization involves a number of working parts for it to be a fully integrated approach. Much like the human body, SEO strategies need to be adaptable, nourished and functioning accordingly. To be as actionable as possible, one needs to be aware of current trends. A recent article posted in Forbes provides 7 trends for 2015.

  1. SEO will become focused on technical elements while content marketing will drive search rankings
  2. Sites that aren’t optimized for user intent and mobile SEO will fail
  3. Brand mentions and citations will become as powerful as links
  4. Following the failed Google+ Authorship experiment, Google will place more value on social signals from Twitter and Facebook
  5. Search rankings will increasingly become more about building relationships and less about technical strategies
  6. Negative SEO will be a bigger threat than ever
  7. SEO will no longer be an isolated department, but become fully integrated with other aspects of marketing

(DeMers, 2014)

Remaining competitive in this new marketplace is increasingly difficult to maintain. While ideally one may want a presence in all available instances, budget constraints and product/service targeting may provide a different solution. However, building a blueprint for success presents its own inherent struggles.

The best practice to create and utilize an effective SEO plan involves a few things. First, one needs to be a guru on their consumer needs. Second, a budget for the marketers and tech people needs to be implemented and guided by a versatile individual. Third, keep up to date on where, when and how screens can be used to best position one’s foothold on a market in question. This 3 point platform is a basic set of rules geared to guide the small and large companies alike.



Art is Where it Starts

Modern Art has moved into some interesting new realms. As art constitutes the first form of advertising or marketing in existence, it’s interesting to explore the ways this creative acumen is exploding. Looking at these examples now, I hope, will help us to address the future.

In the Philippines, artists are letting viewers become one with the artwork.

Interactive Art Gallery Invites Visitors To Become The Art



Imagine the positive public image for a brand that creates an advertising display in this manner? Could you predict the social media sharing and upload potential?

Caridad indicates, “Each piece requires human interaction to come to life and with the proper perspective, the optical illusions pop. Known as Art in Island, the gallery has been set up in what used to be a bus station” (Caridad, 2015).

More changes to take unwanted or undesirable locations, such as, a bus station, would allow for local acceptance of a marketing art display. Don’t over brand or over monetize just make it fun and interesting.

Different from the low-techness of this form of artwork, an Ivy League graduate from Carnegie Mellon, has come up with his own form of modern art, which could also be adapted to serve a marketing purpose. According to Plante, “Miles Peyton has published Parts, Parts, Parts, an art project that allows users to upload animated clips of their body parts and piece them together with other submitted body parts on a digital collage board” (Plante, 2015). This could easily be an advergame or other form of advertainment specific to a fitting brand.

Art continues to play a huge role in advertising and it’s important to maintain booster trainings on this industry.


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Listen Empathically

Empathic listening is a form of emotional listening.  This form of listening digs deeper than surface conversations to a state of kindred emotional connection. This form of shared understanding fosters a meaningful relationship generated from pure intentions. According to Young, “Primarily, you need to be able to keep your attention on what the person is saying and not get distracted by your own thoughts or responses. Additionally, you want to help the speaker feel safe enough to trust you with her inner thoughts and reasoning” (Young, 2015). With a foundation of trust built there is then room to enhance the partnered emotional bond.

This method of listening may seem to potentially be counterproductive to marketing or advertising, but I can assure it is not. The information uncovered through this process provides invaluable insights into human nature. Young explains, “The key is to find out the point of what the person is doing—why, the reason, not the steps of how she does it. Not the tools or service she uses. You’re after the direction she is heading and all her inner reasoning about that direction. You’re after overarching intentions, internal debates, indecision, emotion, trade-offs, etc” (Young, 2015). But, aren’t people encouraged to keep emotion out of business decisions? While we try to not make things personal, humans are humans.

I think we all can benefit from empathic listening in many situations.


Medios de comunicación. 媒体 Méitǐ. Media. وسائل الإعلام. средства массовой информации

Marketing to the Tower of Babel. As we communicate to our publics we must be cognizant of many factors. One, often overlooked, or possessing limited budget, is minority marketing. While companies have amassed vast resources toward the general public, they are still doing themselves an injustice. As in the story of the Tower of Babel, resources weren’t scare, but, rather, communication was lacking in efficiency. The same can be said of the missed opportunities to connect with various minorities within our little blue planet.

What do they say about big things coming in small packages? Let’s peek some facts on this topic.

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So where are marketers missing out? Well, it starts with taking a broad view. Fromowitz notes, “Ethnic marketing is not as simple as what media to buy, or putting an Asian face in your TV commercial. Ethnic consumers encompass broad cultural influences from around the globe. Their ethnic origin is the key to their identity” (Fromowitz, 2014). Identity. When you lump things under words like Hispanic, Asian or African American you’re not segmenting enough. Within each of those terms are specific people that identify with their specific country of origin. Within each country of origin they can even further segment themselves through language. Behind language is dialect and slang. With marketing and advertising further greatly relying on wordplay you MUST get it right or you’ve wasted time and money.

The rapidity of connecting across time and space through technology further suggests an imperative need to act now. Braun explains, “Last November, mobile ad company Flurry found that Americans now spend nearly three hours per day on their mobile devices – more than they spend watching TV. Even more remarkable is that mobile time jumped almost 10 percent in just nine months. As wearable technology enters the mainstream in 2015 and beyond, one would expect that mobile time to grow” (Braun, 2015). Granted this is only addressing America, but still quite impactful. Now is the time to address barriers to success in building our tower.


What’s Trending? More Importantly, What’$ Making Money?

An important step in any undertaking is budget. While companies and individuals want to always sell on value, price will inevitably be brought up. It’s understandable for companies to charge more for items in demand. Furthermore, charging a premium will create an image of desirability, especially, if what you’re selling is fresh and trendy. However, despite a clear cut opportunity to capitalize on a fad, it’s more important to think ahead. Short term gains lead to short term success.

mobile mobileWith so many trends which one will best maximize our budget? Well this division wants digital, and this division wants mobile, and this division wants ahh! When divisions aren’t cohesively in it for the best interests of the company these are divided. Integrated marketing provides a company with a point person to juggle individual and group interests against the mission statement. But, there’s one thing everyone can agree on… Whatever we do it better make money.

Despite the previous chart supplied focuses on the lion’s share of the market. Sure, we all know that Internet and web or mobile based advertising are instrumental in success, but, recently, it feels like more and more businesses are forgetting about Traditional Advertising.

The goal of this blog is provide a holistic view of Media and its present and future.